Jul 28, 2008

Skyline Chili Coming to Brown Street

While I was driving around yesterday I found the the Nothing but Noodles is going to be a Skyline Chili. Has anyone seen this? Do you know when it will be opening? I always missed the one that use to be on Brown Street where the Milanos Pizza is now. It's good to see them back downtown Dayton. It's Skyline Time! :)

Jul 24, 2008

The old Night Owl to reopen as Blind Bob's in early August

As many of you know the Night Owl was sold and the gutted. When I walked past it the last time I thought maybe they where going to destroy the whole building. Come to find out they are putting a new place in there that is still going to cater to live music but will also have so me food. The name of this new place is going to be called Blind Bob's. From what I understand it will have an American food menu and is going to look really great when they get finished. I will try and get some pictures for people that don't venture downtown Dayton very often. If you guys have any more info let us know.

Jul 16, 2008

Dayton Ohio Air Show July 19-20th

If you have never been to the Dayton air show you are missing out. They always have amazing planes and events for people to attend. This year they are having for the first time that F-22 Raptor. If you have never seen this jet you will be amazed. Check out the Dayton air show this weekend July 19-20

Parking is $7 per car and $20 per bus and recreational vehicle. Plenty of on-site parking is available.

Admission can be as cheap as you want or as expensive as you want. check here for all the options.

Jul 2, 2008

Cityfolk fest Dayton Ohio

The cityfolk fest is this weekend in Dayton Ohio at Riverscape metro
park in downtown Dayton. They will have fireworks on July 3rd at 10pm.
They also live music and events all weekend. Lots of good food and
fun. To check out more details visit www.cityfolk.org/festival

Jul 1, 2008

Dublin Pub and Seven Nation

Well welcome to my first post at Renew Dayton. I was at Dublin Pub the
other night with a bunch of friends. There was a great band playing
called Black 47. They were kind of Celtic rock/punk. Really good band.
Check them out on iTunes. While I was there I noticed that July 16th
they are going to have Seven Nation there for 10$ per person. I saw
them at the Dublin last time they where in town and they Rock! If u
like Celtic rock don't miss this show. http://www.dubpub.com/ for more info.