Jul 28, 2008

Skyline Chili Coming to Brown Street

While I was driving around yesterday I found the the Nothing but Noodles is going to be a Skyline Chili. Has anyone seen this? Do you know when it will be opening? I always missed the one that use to be on Brown Street where the Milanos Pizza is now. It's good to see them back downtown Dayton. It's Skyline Time! :)


  1. AnonymousJuly 29, 2008

    Tony and I stop at the Starbuck's across the street a few times a week. They have been working this place for quite some time!!! I can't wait cuz I love me some Skalini's :)

  2. They have had the "coming soon" sign up for a while. I just laugh now when I hear "Skyline" because Bryon spent 20 minutes describing the "chemistry" of making a 5-way from Skyline while we were trying to eat dinner at Jenny's Christmas Party.

  3. @ amanda: i forgot about that. lol