Oct 2, 2008

Dayton Oktoberfest at DAI

Every year at the Dayton Art Institute in October one of the best party's of the year happens. Oktoberfest at The Dayton Art Institute is Dayton's largest party of the year. They block off the whole parking lot and the grounds around the Institute for this event. 
They always have great food and lots of vendors selling all kinds of things. Oh and some of the best beer around. So if your in the mood for some great fun and want more details visit this link to the

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  1. Oktoberfest this year at DAI was as packed as ever. They had great food and really got people through the lines and on their way. I saw quite a few friends this year at the fest and we all had a great time drinking the German beers and listening to the music. If you were there let us know what you favorite part was.