Dec 21, 2009

UD buys NCR headquarters, Old River Park

Looks like the old NCR building will not go vacant. UD has purchased the property for their research institute.

Dec 18, 2009

Linking Ohio - Creating Tracks For The 3-C Corridor To Bring a Passenger Rail System to Ohio

Looks like things are moving in the right direction for Ohio to get a passenger rail system that will run through Dayton Ohio. If you would like to help make this a reality click on this link to sign a petition for the rail project. Linking Ohio - Creating Tracks For The 3-C Corridor To Bring a Passenger Rail System to Ohio

Here is another link for the rail project.

Dec 10, 2009

5th Annual Santa Pub Crawl for Toys for Tots

This year is the 5th annual Santa pub crawl through the Oregon District to benefit toys for tots. If you are coming please bring a toy unwrapped valued at 10$ or above and dress up like Santa or something festive. Have fun and enjoy the video.

Harrigan's to expand into second location | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants

If you like Harrigan's Bar and grill you will be excited to hear they are opening up a 2nd location. This new location will be off of 725 where the old fox n the hound was. Click the link below for more information.
Harrigan's to expand into second location 

Nov 28, 2009

Dayton Gems Hockey

The Dayton Gems hockey team is now playing at Hara Arena. Check out their site for good deals and what is coming up. They have several 1$ beer nights on the schedule and if you have never seen a hockey game at Hara Arena you are missing out. There is never a bad seat in the house.

Phobia Art Party at Vex

Club Vex has a Phobia Art Party and there were a lot of great Dayton artists that attended and displayed their work. Here are some of the pics from the Phobia Art Party.

ActiveDayton | Photo Galleries | Phobia Art Party

Boulevard Haus opens in the Oregon District in Dayton

Boulevard Haus opens in the Dayton Oregon District. This is a German restaurant which Dayton doesn't have many of. Here is the phone number for reservations (937) 824-2722

Oregon District restaurant to debut; holidays bring other changes

Oct 28, 2009

Oregon District Hosts the Bar Stool Open 2009

The Dayton Bar Stool Open is such a fun event and a great way to donate to a great cause.
I was at this event last year and had a great time. Everyone was fun and having a great time. The costumes were one of the best things about it. So get creative and come on out. Check Most Metro for more information.

Bar Stool Open returns to Oregon District | Dayton MostMetro

Oct 27, 2009 is Reynolds & Reynolds new site.

Reynolds & Reynolds recently launched , a website for people looking to buy a car. It looks pretty clean and easy to use with lots of good info. Check it out! Support Dayton and spread the word about this one!

So when you are looking for a car remember Car Locate/

Oct 12, 2009

‘Five Guys’ burgers launching in Dayton

Well I have been twice and they have only been open since the 19th of Oct. thats how good they are. If you have never been to a Five Guys they are awesome and fresh! Only get a small fry unless you want enough for a family of 4 then order the large fry.

‘Five Guys’ burgers launching in Dayton

Dayton Downtown passenger train station could be operational by 2011

Dayton adding a passenger rail to the city. This idea has been in the works for quite some time now and it looks like it could become a reality. I think adding rail transportation to Dayton would be a great idea. Downtown passenger train station could be operational by 2011 Here are a few pics of when Dayton had a passenger rail station.

Splash Moraine closing - Moraine cuts 187 positions

Looks like the Splash Moraine park will be closing do to lack of funds. Moraine cuts 187 positions, shutters Splash Moraine - Dayton Business Journal:

New coffee shop opens in downtown Dayton

Looks like folks downtown Dayton are going to have another option to get their morning cup of coffee.
New coffee shop opens in downtown Dayton - Dayton Business Journal:

Sep 15, 2009

Dayton Oktoberfest 2009

Dayton Oktoberfest 2009 will be a great party if your looking for one. I have been every year to the Oktoberfest since 2000 and Dayton really knows how to put on a party like no other! Click here for all the details.Dayton Art Institute Oktoberfest 2009

Ribbon-cutting for All Stars Sports N Wings in Kettering

Looks like there is going to be a new sports bar in Kettering this week. All Stars Sports N Wings is going to be opening tomorrow Wed. read all the details here. Ribbon-cutting tomorrow for new Kettering sports bar | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants

Arcade’s new owners on hand for Urban Nights

A huge turn out to see the Dayton Arcade and the new owners for Urban Nights last weekend. Read all the details here. Arcade’s new owners on hand for Urban Nights

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Aug 19, 2009

5 local companies among nation’s fastest growing

5 Local companies in the Dayton area are among 500 of the fasted growing businesses. Finally some good news for Dayton! Click the link below to see the article.
5 local companies among nation’s fastest growing

Aug 4, 2009

New Voltzy's Root Beer Stand opens today | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants

If you have never been to Voltzy's you have to go. It is like no other place in Dayton. He has this joking rude attitude like ed's in Chicago. Check it out and get a double Voltzy! New Voltzy's Root Beer Stand opens today | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants

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Jun 3, 2009

Town Hall #3: A Pedestrian- and Bicycle-Friendly Dayton

Just and FYI to anyone interested.

Town Hall #3: A Pedestrian- and Bicycle-Friendly Dayton. Learn what the City of Dayton is doing to more effectively balance the needs of pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists.

As the historic center of our region, Dayton's inner core was originally designed not for cars, but for pedestrians, bicyclists, horses, and streetcars. As Americans are now increasingly choosing communities known for walk ability and bicycle amenities, this can give older center cities an advantage. We invite you to share your thoughts on how to capitalize on and enhance our alternative transportation assets. Planners and engineers will also discuss current projects and plans for benchmarking Dayton's progress towards achieving Bicycle-Friendly Community status through the League of American Bicyclists.

Saturday, June 27, 2009
Dayton Convention Center, 3rd Floor
22 East Fifth Street in Downtown Dayton

Free: No admission fee required. Parking passes will be provided for the adjoining Transportation Center Parking Garage.

Please RSVP to 333-3863 or
More info can be found here. City of

Mar 27, 2009

New Hot Head BurritoLocations Coming

Hot Head Burrito is opening up some new locations throughout Dayton. I am a fan of Hot Head so if you go there try not to compare it to Chipolte because they are not really close to the same thing. Hot Head has more choices of what you can put on your order. Another cool thing is they have different bowl sizes you can order. For all the details check this out Full Story. Hot Head Burrito Menu

Mar 16, 2009

St. Patrick's Day in Dayton Ohio

When most people think about St. Patrick's day they usually think about Boston, NY,NY Chicago or even New Orleans. But Dayton Ohio has by far one of the most fun St. Patrick's days around. The last 2 years I have been out of town for St. Patrick's day. I was in Chicago 2 years ago and NY NY last year. I will have to say that the parade in NY is a sight to behold. Non-Stop bagpipe bands for a solid 3 hrs. If you have never heard a 100 piece or more piper band then you are definitely missing out on an incredible sound.

Chicago was a good time but the sad thing was no one went all out with Green and costumes like they do in Dayton, OH. The green river was sweet and the pubs are wonderful. But there was no, one real place to hang and party. Everyone went into a small pub and pretty much stayed there. Unlike in Dayton where they set up huge party tents at pubs and have a huge party all day long. The vibe in NY for St. Patrick's day was pretty fun. Everyone was dressing up and having a great time just partying all day it seemed like.The pubs were hard to get into due to so many people partying. It was pretty cool it was like half the city was working and the other half was partying.

So now I'm back in Dayton this year for the celebration and looking forward to hanging out with all my friends this year and having a great St. Patrick's day in Dayton like no other place I have been to.
Raise a Pint and listen to som pippers for tomorrow is St. Patrick's Day in Dayton, OH and I have never to been to a better party.... Yet!

Two of my photos from St. Patricks day and a video.

Feb 28, 2009

New buildings in the tech district

This is just one of the many building they are building downtown
Dayton in the tech area. Does anyone know of any business that are
moving into this area?

Feb 20, 2009

Oregon District Bar Fire

Feb 19th at around 7pm the Tumbleweed Bar in the Oregon district of downtown Dayton was ablaze. Word on the news was it was a 2 alarm fire do to the close buildings in that area. No one was injured and I have not heard if they are going to rebuild. I hope so because they were the only place that had a cool patio on the 2nd floor that overlooked Oregon's 5th st. It was always fun to grab a drink and people watch in the summer.If anyone has any more info on this please post.More Pics Here

Jan 26, 2009

Dayton Ohio Restaurant Week

So this week is restaurant week and there are a ton of restaurants that are offering package deals for a couple to have a night out on the town. Here is a list of participation restaurants. So take some time and check out a new place for about half the price.

Jan 23, 2009

Dayton's First Annual Winter Ale Fest

Most people know about the ale fest in the summer that is at Carolin park. Well this is the same people putting this one on but its in the winter. Feb 7th to be exact from 2-6pm I think I will attend. Check out the web site for all the information.