Sep 15, 2009

Ribbon-cutting for All Stars Sports N Wings in Kettering

Looks like there is going to be a new sports bar in Kettering this week. All Stars Sports N Wings is going to be opening tomorrow Wed. read all the details here. Ribbon-cutting tomorrow for new Kettering sports bar | Taste: Dayton food and restaurants

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  1. OK where do I start. My wife and I wanted to try this restaurant since it was new. The inside of the store was very nicely done. Now to the bad parts. My wife and I both ordered Chicken Philly's and we both received Steak Philly's, not a huge deal. Next it took forever for our fries to come out. My wife ordered waffle fries and received funnel cake fries. This was the waitress's fault but stuff does happen. So the waitress said the owner/manager would come out to talk to us. The waitress comes out with our bill and nothing is done and my wife ask to talk to the owner/manager but she tells us he will not come out. She did say he got on the kitchen staff but would not come talk to us. I understand having rough days but with this being a new restaurant I feel the owner/manager should have made a better showing of what his place is. The rest of the staff was very nice but it seems like the owner does not care about keeping the customer happy. Also I have been in the food service business for years so this does come with out knowledge of what goes on in a restaurant. So take this for what you want but I would not recommend this place. I also feel bad for the owner's family because this place will not be open for a long time with how he treats customers. Also we got charged for the funnel cake fries instead of the waffle fries which cost us an extra dollar.