Oct 28, 2009

Oregon District Hosts the Bar Stool Open 2009

The Dayton Bar Stool Open is such a fun event and a great way to donate to a great cause.
I was at this event last year and had a great time. Everyone was fun and having a great time. The costumes were one of the best things about it. So get creative and come on out. Check Most Metro for more information.

Bar Stool Open returns to Oregon District | Dayton MostMetro

Oct 27, 2009

Carlocate.com is Reynolds & Reynolds new site.

Reynolds & Reynolds recently launched www.CarLocate.com , a website for people looking to buy a car. It looks pretty clean and easy to use with lots of good info. Check it out! Support Dayton and spread the word about this one!

So when you are looking for a car remember Car Locate/

Oct 12, 2009

‘Five Guys’ burgers launching in Dayton

Well I have been twice and they have only been open since the 19th of Oct. thats how good they are. If you have never been to a Five Guys they are awesome and fresh! Only get a small fry unless you want enough for a family of 4 then order the large fry.

‘Five Guys’ burgers launching in Dayton

Dayton Downtown passenger train station could be operational by 2011

Dayton adding a passenger rail to the city. This idea has been in the works for quite some time now and it looks like it could become a reality. I think adding rail transportation to Dayton would be a great idea. Downtown passenger train station could be operational by 2011 Here are a few pics of when Dayton had a passenger rail station.

Splash Moraine closing - Moraine cuts 187 positions

Looks like the Splash Moraine park will be closing do to lack of funds. Moraine cuts 187 positions, shutters Splash Moraine - Dayton Business Journal:

New coffee shop opens in downtown Dayton

Looks like folks downtown Dayton are going to have another option to get their morning cup of coffee.
New coffee shop opens in downtown Dayton - Dayton Business Journal: