Oct 27, 2009

Carlocate.com is Reynolds & Reynolds new site.

Reynolds & Reynolds recently launched www.CarLocate.com , a website for people looking to buy a car. It looks pretty clean and easy to use with lots of good info. Check it out! Support Dayton and spread the word about this one!

So when you are looking for a car remember Car Locate/

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  1. AnonymousMay 22, 2010

    Support Dayton? The clown that bought Reynolds & Reynolds out 4 years ago (Bob Brockman) is laying people off left and right at Kettering's Research Park and moving tons of jobs down to Houston, TX. Supporting this site would be supporting the clown and the state he lives in (Texas).

    Also, the site sucks. It only provides car listings from dealerships that use Reynolds' products. Searching for a vehicle on that site will only return a small percentage of vehicles in your area that are available to purchase. Additionally, CarLocate doesn't display cars from private sellers! that's simply crazy

    Use AutoTrader.com instead -- it lists all vehicle.