Dec 14, 2010

Andy Kunz Responds to High-Speed Rail

This is a great response to anyone saying that high speed rail is not good for us. I just wish more people in power felt this way. Great read.

Andy Kunz Responds to High-Speed Rail: Political Football, Anyone? ?

Here is the link to the article talking about how John Kasich is going to forfeit the money that was slated for Ohio to build the 3C project.

Nov 8, 2010

Kasich promises to kill 3C train plan your help is needed.

Cities curb rail projects after Kasich promises to kill 3C train plan

Help get the word out about this. For those of you that support this rail project we need to let our voices be heard. We need other options for traveling. I don't think we should wait until gas prices hit 5$ per gallon to build a rail system.

I also think that the longer our state waits the more it will cost to develop.

Contact John Kasich here to let him know you want rail transportation for our state. His facebook is here

Sep 9, 2010

PARKing Day Dayton 2010 - PARK(ing) Day Network

Dayton Parking Day 2010

PARKing Day is an international event where people turn parking spaces into parks for the day!

so far we have probably 3 PARKing Day parks planned in Dayton :)

the main library on St. Clair, Dayton Most Metro on St. Clair, and the Garden Station Parking Day Park which is still looking for a parking space.

We need people to help set up, tear down and staff throughout the day and items to furnish the parks with. who can help? :)

PARKing Day Dayton 2010 - PARK(ing) Day Network

Sep 7, 2010

Beer Making Classes - Belmont Party Supply, Inc.

For those of you that might be interested in brewing your own beer they are having a free class on brewing 101 on Sep 8th. Click the link for more information.
Beer Making Classes - Belmont Party Supply, Inc.

Aug 23, 2010

2010 Dayton AleFest

It's that time of year when the festivals start kicking into full swing. There is usually something to go to every weekend. This weekend its the Dayton Ale Fest! one of the best festivals in all Dayton. Its this weekend starting at 2 and going till 6. There is usually over a 100 different breweries represented and its always a great time. If you want more info check out this link.
AleFest Dayton

Dayton Most Metro is giving away a pair of tickets. Follow this link.

Aug 10, 2010

Opinions differ over public art in Oregon District

One of the things I like about the Oregon district is that feeling of a city space that has a great art community. I think there should be more unique things like this in the Oregon District. People need to lighten up and not try to make every spot people go look the same as the Greene. This is what makes the Oregon District fun. What are your thoughts?

Opinions differ over public art in Oregon District

May 7, 2010

Dayton Film Festival and Urban Nights

Dayton has a big weekend in store next weekend starting May 14th. Urban Nights will be in full swing along with the Dayton Film Festival and the Taste of Dayton. If you have time check out all the events. News Archives - FILM DAYTON FESTIVAL HIGHLIGHTS INCLUDE Q&A WITH DIRECTORS, EXCLUSIVE PRE-SCREENING, WSU BIG LENS FILMS

Mar 24, 2010

Four Dayton Bars/Restaurants offer Growlers

South Park Tavern, Thai 9, Trolley Stop, and Blind Bob's are offering a Growler co-op. For 10$ you can get a growler which is a 1/2 gallon container that then you can get filled with brew. If you have been to any of these locations you know they have quite a few beers that are hard to find anywhere else in the Dayton area. Check it out.

Mar 12, 2010

Kettering’s Fraze to not allow people outside the venu

Kettering's Fraze is saying they will not allow people to sit outside in the park to listen to bands because it is destroying the park. People are up in arms about this decision. See the rest of the story Kettering’s Fraze plan draws mixed reactions

Feb 5, 2010

Facebook | HEROES vs VILLAINS | FRI 3.19.10 @ VEX

Facebook | HEROES vs VILLAINS | FRI 3.19.10 @ VEX

Friday 3.19.10 @ club VEX

DJ Kris, Matt Freeman & Infidel-icious droppin'


Artists // Models // Photographers // Editors // Illustrators

-Model, Photographer, Editor...Glam Rock Super Hero Comic Book Goddess come to life!

-Comic Book and Fantasy art model, stunt woman, and poet.

Ren McKenzie - Artist and Thrill Seeker!

Miz Sin - Artist...Visions of innocence with an underlying sense of chaos.

Robert Walker - Artist...braaaaaiiiiinsss!!!!

Mike Harris - Comic Artist.

Anthony Sarcomenos - Comic imagination filled with monsters and hot demon chicks.

Jay Fife - Freelance Illustrator...Various small press comics and magazines.

Nikki Forte - Graphic Designer and Comic artist.

Mutant Catus - Comics buttons...Custom buttons and magnets.

Freestyle Komics - Comic book studio...An unrestricted free movement of thought expressed in Komic form.

Studio Akumakaze - Comic book studio.

Portraits by Dark Mannequin!

VEX_101 s st. clair,Dayton Oh, 45402
9pm Doors

Char-Broast Chicken restaurant opening in downtown Dayton

Chicken restaurant to open in downtown Dayton - Dayton Business Journal:

Jan 5, 2010

Pacchia Dayton Ohio is closed but will reopen

From the looks of things new years eve was their last party at Pacchias in Dayton, OH They will open back up after Feb 14th as The Gallery Cafe and Bar with fine food and drink in an urban setting and an expanded bar, plus a new stage for great live music.

Pacchia Website