Mar 8, 2011

Lucky's Taproom & Eatery

New spot opening in the Oregon District this Friday.
Lucky's Taproom looks like it is going to be a great place to get some wonderful brews. Check out there Facebook page at the link below to find out more. They already have their tap lineup posted for the opening.
Good luck Lucky's! Glad to have another choice in the Oregon area.
Lucky's Taproom & Eatery

So I have been to luckys 2 times now. They have a great selection of beers on tap. The 2 bartenders that were working when I went in are the 2 guys that use to bar-tend at DubPub. I think its Brian and Drew. Not sure I am getting the names right. Anyway they are great guys and great bartenders. They have to classic pinball machines in there one is the playboy pinball game and the other one is Gofer like Golfer from Cadyshack. All in all a great place to grab some wonderful beers. Give it a try.